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HK416 R6.png
Custom skins are only for replica models already offered on the site.
No replicas on demand... Sorry ;)

Prices :

- Rifle SKIN ( AEG/GBBR/SMG ) : 79,90€

- Gun SKIN : 45€

- Hi-capa CowCow : 79,90€


Manufacturing Time

About 1 month after customer order

Shall we do it ??? Contact me ;)

- By message on Facebook Messenger
- Or by email to

Then how is it going ?

1 - We agree on a theme
2 - I will create a product link for you to pay for your secure purchase via
3 - I will make a model for you within 1/2 weeks (we modify according to your wishes)
4 - Production of your skin (your order is grouped with that of your friends for the production there is a monthly production)

The customized Skins are then possibly resisted on the site according to the demand but at the custom price.
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